Ceramic Coating Lewis Center OH

Ceramic Coating Lewis Center OH

Have you considered protecting your car with ceramic coating? Lewis Center, OH car owners like you may have heard of benefits that come with this automotive technology. Learn more about ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH automobiles.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Lewis Center, OH Vehicles

As a car owner, you want your auto to always look good as new. So you have it washed regularly, or even waxed monthly. However, various elements can mark, stain, and chip your auto's exterior so bad that they don't come off even after a thorough wash.

To protect your auto from the environment, consider applying a ceramic coating. Lewis Center, OH car owners like you may benefit greatly from this nano-coating. Here are other benefits of ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH vehicles.

Ceramic Coating for Lewis Center, OH Cars Gives Protection From UV Rays

Since your vehicle is often exposed to the sun, exterior paint oxidation may occur. When this happens, you'll notice that the color of your car may become dull and faded. To prevent this, applying a ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH autos can help.

The coating serves as a protective barrier from UV rays. Adding a layer of ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH cars greatly reduces the amount of oxidation that occurs and helps to preserve the integrity of its original color.

Ceramic Coating in Lewis Center, OH Protects the Exterior of Your Auto From Chemical Stains

Chemicals such as sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide that are caused by air pollution can also degrade your vehicle's paint over time. Applying a ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH cars can help prevent these elements from bonding with the paint.

Your vehicle's current paint job can also oxidize and fade due to other chemicals like brake fluids. It’s best to use ceramic coating in Lewis Center, OH for added protection from possible spills or exposure. Before your auto’s surface becomes damaged from reagents or other toxic liquids, the ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH cars will have taken the brunt of it first.

Ceramic Coating for Lewis Center, OH Vehicles Requires Low Maintenance

Consider using a ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH cars like yours as it keeps your vehicle's exterior easy to clean. The semi-permanent ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH car paint is known to be hydrophobic or water-repellent.

With a layer of ceramic coating, Lewis Center, OH vehicles won't be difficult to clean because contaminants, grime, and mud effortlessly come off as your vehicle is washed. It does a much better job compared to wax or any kind of sealant.

Ceramic Coating for Lewis Center, OH Automobiles Provides a Glossy Appearance

By applying a ceramic coating, Lewis Center, OH cars with reflective paint and clear coats can be greatly enhanced. Hence, ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH cars like yours will have a more glossy finish and adds aesthetic appeal. Additionally, with the use of a ceramic coating, Lewis Center, OH car owners like you can expect this effect to last for years with regular washing.

Consider a Professionally Applied Ceramic Coating for Lewis Center, OH Cars

Once you’ve decided to apply a ceramic coating, Lewis Center, OH car owners like you should take into account the quality of the nano-coating. It’s essential to consider hiring a professional to do the job instead of doing it yourself. With this, you can be sure that the ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH cars like yours will be installed accurately and precisely.

Automotive Appearance Pros Offers Premium Ceramic Coating for Lewis Center, OH Autos

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your car, don’t hesitate to go all-out. If you’re looking for quality ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH vehicles, turn to Automotive Appearance Pros! Our high-quality services and products such as window tints, vehicle wraps, accessories, and ceramic coating for Lewis Center, OH cars guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us for a hassle-free quote!

Go the Extra Mile in Keeping Your Car Looking Showroom Ready

When you invested in your first car, it may have been one of your priorities to make sure it was always in prime condition. Maintaining its overall appearance may have given you a sense of achievement.

You may have washed it regularly and applied new coats of wax in your spare time. However, the use of wax alone to preserve your vehicle's showroom shine may not work with some marks, spots, or stains. When this happens, consider giving your car a new look, along with the proper care it needs.

Here at Automotive Appearance Pros, we provide the best products and services for your auto-detailing needs at reasonable prices. Learn more about our company today!

How We Started

Founded in 1990 by Dave Shefler, Automotive Appearance Pros began as a small business when Dave purchased a Yipes Stripes franchise. The company soon flourished and started including graphics, automotive accessories, and installation as part of its services.

The business later became the preferred partner of local dealerships because of its dedication, outstanding quality, and excellent customer service. When dealers started requesting additional high-quality products, Shefler slowly introduced new additions such as rear spoilers, gold plating accessories, signs and vehicle lettering, and more.

Automotive Appearance Pros takes pride in expanding its services and now represents Ackton Obstacle Detection Systems. The company never fails to bring excellent products and services to customers and dealerships alike at reasonable prices. Your satisfaction is guaranteed as we make it our top-most priority.

Our Professional Car Services

The quality of services and experience is what we take pride in here at Automotive Appearance Pros. We always strive to meet and even go beyond client expectations. Our team also ensures that every service is done right because every vehicle owner deserves to have their car needs met. Here is a list of our excellent automotive services:

  • Window Tint - Whether for aesthetic appeal or safety reasons, our trained professionals can accurately install quality window tints for your car. You can be sure that our premium products not only provide protection from ultraviolet rays, which can be harmful to you and your vehicle's interior, but it also adds a striking and sporty exterior look!
  • Paint Protection Film - This product keeps your car from getting scratched or damaged by various elements. It also helps in maintaining a high gloss exterior without harming your car's factory paint.
  • Vehicle Wraps - Want to advertise your business while on the road? Consider our vehicle wraps! We can design and print your logo and ideas for easy and cost-effective advertising. What's more, our team ensures that your car will still maintain its good look after your marketing is completed.
  • Truck and Jeep Accessories - Customize your truck or jeep the way you want! We have high-quality accessories such as lighting, painted stripes or graphics, lift kits, wheel and tire packages, and more.
  • Electronics - Make your driving experience more comfortable with our automobile gadgets and products. You can start customizing your audio and navigation systems with our state-of-the-art devices.
  • Ceramic Coating - Also known as nano-coating, this automotive technology helps preserve the pristine exterior of your car. Not only does it enhance the beauty of your auto, but it also protects your vehicle from harsh road conditions and allows it to withstand more damage.

Automotive Appearance Pros: Your Trusted Film Experts

If you're looking for a company in Worthington, OH that can cater to all your car detailing needs, Automotive Appearance Pros has you covered! We are one of the top aftermarket accessories and styling dealers for vehicle owners. Our team takes pride in being named as the Dealers' No.1 Choice in Columbus! And what's more, we always make sure that we maintain excellence for every project we take on.

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