Why have you high end sports cars windows tinted by Automotive Appearance Pro in Columbus, Ohio?

There are many benefits to having the windows on your high-end sports car tinted by Automotive Appearance Pros in Columbus, Ohio to include improve appearance, privacy, efficiency, and UV protection. Automotive Appearance Pros tints vehicles with high-quality LLumar and Formula one tint. They are also an exclusive dealer of Formula One tint in the Columbus area. LLumar or Formula one tint is available in a wide variety of clear or tinted films to achieve the look and protection that you desire. You can have full confidence that the trained professionals at Automotive Appearance Pros will tint the windows on your high-end sports car with precision for the ultimate look. Also, all of the labor and materials come with a full warranty.


Window tint will make the interior of your car much more comfortable. Tint can make your vehicle up to 60% cooler during the summer. Your car also won’t be as hot when you first enter it. In addition, window film will minimize glare from the sun.


LLumar or Formula One are both high-quality tints to complement your high-end sports car. These films will dramatically improve the appearance of your car. The professional installation will look like the tint was installed at the factory.

UV Protection

The window tints applied by Automotive Appearance Pros can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This not only reduces glare but it protects the interior of your vehicle from fading and discoloration. More importantly, your eyes and skin will have improved protection from these rays.


Automotive Appearance Pros has a wide variety of tints available to fit your privacy needs. For the ultimate in privacy, tint can be installed to prevent people from seeing inside your vehicle during the day. This will not obstruct your view from the inside.


One of the most important benefits of window tint is improved efficiency. Your vehicle’s air conditioner will operate more efficiently and cool the cabin much faster with tinted windows. This will ultimately reduce fuel consumption and save you money. In addition, it will extend the life of your high-end sports car’s air conditioner since it will not have to work as hard or long to cool the interior.

For additional information on window tinting or to schedule an appointment, contact Automotive Appearance Pros today.