Why should AAP be your first call in Columbus, Ohio to have your company’s vehicles wrapped

Why should AAP be your first call in Columbus, Ohio to have your company’s vehicles wrapped
Automotive Appearance Pros, it’s an all packed center, with over 25 years of existence and experience which has one many services with the highest quality Customer care functionality. With a top-notch line of accessories and a rating like no other of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
AAP helps keep your vehicle’s in Prime condition from the exterior to the interior, security, and mods guaranteed to leave your vehicle looking and feeling extraordinary.


Automotive Appearance Pros understands branding is key in Businesses that’s why high quality for the best resolution wraps are done at its best. Also, fleet wraps are available professionally done leaving all your clients understanding your companies vision and mission.
With it being the most exposed, a priority is given to make sure it remains clean and protected from barriers against hazards; with ceramic coating, environmental fallout and the scorching sun has no chance. Not forgetting our children with their creative arts exercised on the car paint, you have no paint job calculations as it is well protected.

For privacy, window tinting is applied with the with choices from an array of optically clear and films, several levels of protection in play and most of all cool looks. Tinting filters 99% of UV rays, meaning your car’s interior and your skin are protected from the dangerous rays. Tinting also reduces heat and glare for more comfortable and safe driving. a variety of choices offered but the best among Llumar window and paint protection film, not forgetting Xpel premium shield, Suntek, and Avery films too.

Installation and upgrade of car audio system, from mild or state of the art options, for your entertainment while on the move. From android radios to touch screens with the capability of reverse cameras. Backup systems like parking sensors to detect objects with an option of a beeping

system to alert you as you drive

Also for added protection from the exterior, AAP has all you can want and more accessories ranging from grilles in the front and rear bumpers or side skirts or air scoops. Rear spoilers for your car to maintain the air thrusting as you drive, improving on the balance and redefined looks. Restyling products as side moldings, paint strips of graphics or underbody lighting also available.

Interior and security

Being what you work with a lot since you drive from the inside, Automotive has not left it out, the Tinting for one helps protect your interior leaving it in mint condition.

Directed pythons and Avital remote car starts and alarms for automotive security and protection products. Comes with functionality to lock and arm the car, or disarm, panic or car finder, App passcode protection. Vehicle location and speed with error messages straight to your mobile devices.

Remote starts with a 1-2 miles range with SmartStart and manual transmission compatibility. Even a keyless entry system which comes with two remotes fitted with lock and unlocks buttons, trunk release, and AUX.
With all that, Automotive Appearance Pros should be on your speed dial.