Vehicle Wraps

Stand out from the crowd and take your business’ marketing to new heights with vehicle wraps from Automotive Appearance Pros in Worthington, OH. Our high-impact visual solutions use Avery Supreme Wrapping, and 3M 2080, we can also design and print your logo or ideas on our 60 inch 10 color Epson printer which are undoubtedly the best in the industry when it comes to car wraps.

Our vehicle wraps can be used for both short-term and long-term campaigns, as you have the choice between wraps that can be removed after 6 months or 6 years. Also, it does not damage your auto’s existing bodywork, so you can be confident that your car will still look pleasing after your advertising is done.

The Automotive Appearance Pros team knows that proper preparation on the auto is the key to a long-term and successfully installed vinyl wrap. We are trained to be as meticulous as possible when it comes to every wrap project, no matter if it’s vinyl lettering, decals, or logos.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

One unconventional advertising tactic that has been gaining traction in recent years is using vehicles as a moving marketing platform for businesses. This is possible with vinyl vehicle wraps. If you are contemplating about how your company may benefit from this service, here are a few things to consider:

Vehicle Advertising is Easy and Cost-Effective

With mobile wraps, you only pay for a reasonable one-time cost for an advertisement that will last months or years, depending on your preference. You can also opt for partial wraps or complete wraps depending on your budget, as well as switch wraps frequently without any worry of exterior damage to your car.

In addition, vehicle wraps only cost a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising, especially traditional ones. You also get the perk of expanding your ad’s exposure as your vehicle travels. This helps you maximize your spending, unlike with billboards or media ads where less amount of people may see it despite you paying more for a spot.

You Can Increase Brand Awareness All Year-Round

Marketing every day can boost the number of potential clients who will hear of or see your business. As long as your vehicle is in the right vicinity and the people you’re targeting know your services, you are increasing your chances of gaining more customers. The more you drive, the more exposure you get.

Moreover, vehicle advertising is not as intrusive as other forms of marketing. Unlike TV or radio ads where audiences are often caught unaware of the sudden interruption, people who are not interested can just look away and wait for you to pass.

Lastly, vehicle wraps, especially ones by Automotive Appearance Pros, are laminated for maximum durability. They can withstand exposure to different weather conditions and still look good as new, unlike billboards or posters. Our customers do not worry about replacing their vinyl wraps due to damage and can use their vehicle ads for years.

Customer Targeting is Made Easier with Car Wraps

If you want to target a specific demographic based on their locations, vehicle advertising is the way to go. You can easily drive to your preferred destination and be assured that the people you’re hoping to entice can see you. This is not easily guaranteed with other forms of mass advertisement.

With vinyl vehicle wraps, you have better control over who sees your ads and where these are seen. This can help you determine if your target location can yield you the results you are looking for.

Vehicle Advertising is Tax-Deductible

If your wrap passes the qualifications for tax-deductible advertising expenses, this can further improve your bottom line and profitability. These standards include ensuring that your wrap clearly promotes your brand or business and is only installed on cars associated with your company. You can consult with your tax advisor for more details.

Why We Should be Your Choice for Vehicle Wrap Services

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Automotive Appearance Pros has a deep understanding of the needs of every business when using their vehicles for advertising. We use the best products and ensure that our process involves utmost carefulness and attention to detail, so we guarantee our outputs are of the highest quality.

In addition, we ensure that all fleet wraps are professionally done and have your company’s vision and mission in mind. Striving to convey your message to your target audience through our vinyl wraps is our way of helping you boost your business.

Protecting Your Auto’s Exterior and Interior

Because we make our vehicle wraps with the best materials for the job, you can be assured that they can provide an additional layer of protection for your cars. Combined with our other services such as ceramic coating, your auto will be strongly shielded against environmental fallout, exposure to the rays of the sun, and more.

In addition, you can have window tint installed for your vehicle. You can choose among our wide variety of optically transparent films that provide several levels of protection and aesthetic appeal. Because tinting blocks out up to 99% of UV rays, your car’s interior can also be shielded from fading and other damage that may occur due to the sun.

Protecting the Driver

Window tinting is also one of the top choices for keeping your car private from outside eyes. Also, it protects you or your drivers from harmful UV rays from the sun, as well as its glare, so you can drive safer and decrease your risk of skin cancer.

You can also have backup systems like parking sensors installed for safer driving purposes. We also have available Clifford remote start and alarms for automotive security and protection. They allow you to lock or unlock, arm or disarm, locate, start the engine, and more even when you are far from your auto.

Smartstart has unlimited range as long as your vehicle and you are in cell phone coverage. Our keyless entry systems come with remotes fitted with lock and unlock buttons, trunk releases if vehicle is equipped with power locks and power trunk release, and AUX functions.

More Upgrades

Who says that marketing on the road can’t be fun or stylish? Automotive Appearance Pros is also one of the best providers and installers of other products that can enhance your overall driving experience. These include:

  • Air scoops
  • Car audio and video systems (from android radios to touch screens with reverse camera capability)
  • Grilles
  • Navigation systems
  • Restyling products (side moldings, paint strips of graphics, or underbody lighting)

No matter what your vehicle is, be it a car, truck, trailer, Jet Ski, or boat, we can provide our services to you.