What are the benefits of having AAP tint your car or trucks windows and how does it help improve your car or trucks resale value?

Making the decision to tint a car or truck’s windows is a great way to improve that vehicle’s resale value while also maintaining a vehicle that is satisfying and safe to drive. Choosing where to get that tint applied is just as important as choosing to have the service done. The service team at AAP is ready to apply quality tint to any type of vehicle.

Resale value is very important when looking at what type of car to buy and what type of after market changes (if any) to make to that car. The LLumar tint used by AAP gives vehicles a stylish look that makes it more attractive to the eye of a potential buyer. It is also possible to get optically clear films which offer sun protection without looking like the darker tints. Sun protection helps prevent glares from getting into the eyes of the driver and causing accidents. Sun protection also helps cut down on harmful UV rays which can fade and crack the insides of cars.

While pointing out the safety aspects of applying tint, it is also important to note that all shades of tint offer an added layer of protection from broken glass. The glass is stuck to the film of the tint, so even if a window is broken, the film cuts down on the amount of shattered glass that will spray onto drivers or passengers. This benefit combined with the reduced glare which causes so many accidents makes applying tint a great choice to keep everyone in the car safer during every trip.

Of course, tinted windows also help reduce the amount of heat which is radiated into a car from sitting in the sun. Enjoy trips during the hottest parts of the day with the peace of mind that LLumar tint is there to fight off those hot rays. LLumar tint repels 99% of UV rays which can also protect drivers and passengers from skin damage from sitting in direct sunlight.

The team at AAP want to go to work making cars on the road safer and more stylish. Trained professionals apply the LLumar tint specified to each vehicle’s dimensions which guarantees a precision job every time. This color-stable tint won’t fade to purple, so that sleek tinted look will last for years to come. Let AAP make that car or truck safer, cooler, and easier to sell. Make an appointment to get LLumar tint today!