Window Tinting

When choosing an automotive window tint, the best option is one that creates a stylish look while also helping keep your car’s interior comfortable and protected, with a warranty for peace of mind. We are proud to offer LLumar SelectPro FormulaOne, it has a wide array of optically clear tinted films of varying levels of protection.

Automotive Appearance Pros is the only FormulaOne dealer in Columbus. We offer tint levels from 5% (our darkest shade) to 80% (our lightest shade).

Why You Should Opt for Window Tinting

Many car owners choose to have window tint film installed on their vehicle for various reasons. These can range from increased comfort while driving to aesthetic appeal. It can also be due to health, safety, and security reasons. If you are wondering why window tint should be a necessity for your vehicle, here are a few reasons to consider:

Reduced Risk of Theft

One of reasons why vehicle owners opt for window tint is security and privacy. With dark-tinted windows, it’s less likely that potential thieves can see inside your car and find out if there’s anything worth stealing inside. This is especially helpful if you leave valuables while your vehicle is parked somewhere.

Safer Driving

Glare from light sources, whether it’s the sun or an oncoming car’s headlights, can distract you and make it harder to see the road. This is a hazard that window tint can help you address, as the tint films are designed to diffuse the light better so it doesn’t outright blind you as you drive. Accidents can be better avoided this way.

Protects the Life of Your Car

Exposure to UV rays of the sun can damage your car's interior, especially the upholstery and dashboard. Sunlight can cause leather seats to crack and peel, as well as cause the paint to fade. With window tint installed, you can prevent this direct exposure.

More Efficient Engine

Because window tint cut down on how much sunlight enters your vehicle, they also reduce the amount of heat your car absorbs from the sun. This makes it quicker for your air conditioning and engine to cool the interior down. Tint can also help make your auto up to 60% cooler during the summer.

Helps Keep You and Passengers Safe and Healthy

Studies have shown that car owners have a higher chance of developing skin cancer on the left side of their body due to the prolonged exposure to the sun while driving. This is also true for people who frequently ride a car. Window tint can help protect you and your passengers from as it blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays.

Film Tint can also help keep you safe during car accidents. They can hold glass shards in place during a collision, thereby reducing injuries from accidental contact with them and can prevent some cracks from forming, so your windows are less likely to be hazards in unfortunate events.

Aesthetic Appeal

Many owners love the classy look of window tint on their vehicles. High-end cars, such as sport or luxury ones, commonly have tinted windows, so mimicking this look onto your vehicle adds a sophisticated twist to its appearance.

Resale Value Increases

If you are planning to resell your vehicle, having tinted windows is a great selling point to highlight. This is because potential buyers will think that your auto is more secure and well-maintained. Formula one lifetime warranty is passed on to the next owner.

LLumar Window Tinting Film

We carry a wide selection of FormulaOne® High Performance Window Tint that you can choose from. All films in the LLumar line offer superior UV protection no matter what percentage of tint levels you opt for. They are manufactured in the United States and have earned The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

If you are the type to prefer natural light and the open look of untinted windows but also want the protection that tint provide, we recommend LLumar’s Air Blue options. These are also perfect for people who live in areas where state laws prohibit dark window tint.

Every window tint from LLumar has the company’s High Performance Resin adhesive. This ensures that the film will hug your vehicle without bubbles or cracks. You also won’t have to worry that your tint will peel off prematurely.

All FormulaOne tint are covered by the FormulaOne Transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty, which is transferable to subsequent owners of your car. These are also supported by a select nationwide network of professional dealers. If your tint was scratched or damaged outside of warranty coverage, we also offer a free one-time replacement.

For more information about LLumar’s window films and how their products aid skin protection, you can visit their website at You can also visit their Facebook page at for tips.

Your Window Tinting Experts

Trust only the best installation service team for your window tinting needs. We are ready to apply quality tint to any vehicle. Our trained professionals apply the LLumar tint precisely to your vehicle, and we ensure that every job is precise and of the highest quality.

We only use premium products designed to provide superior protection from solar rays without impeding the driver’s visibility of the road. You can choose among a wide range of shades and thicknesses to suit your preferences and budget. Our staff can help you select the best film for your needs and provide prompt and quality installation services.

At Automotive Appearance Pros, whether in Worthington or in our new shop in Lewis Center, we ensure that close attention is given to every installation job, so the finished result is as close to the factory-installed look. Our products are also compatible with factory tint and are color-stable, so they won’t turn purple over time.